Our dedication to eco-friendly practices extends across every facet of our business, with a strong emphasis on sustainable and ethical manufacturing. Introducing our presale model reflects our commitment to empowering customers to secure their preferred garments while championing the principles of slow and sustainable fashion.

When you join our presale, you're not just making a purchase; you're becoming a part of our mission to minimise waste in manufacturing. By choosing presale, you actively contribute to our goal of ensuring that each garment serves its purpose, finding its place with our customers rather than adding to landfill waste. Your decision to embrace presale signifies a shared vision for a fashion industry that prioritises sustainability and longevity.


These Presale Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply in addition to and vary the terms of the CHARLIE J. Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Standard Terms”) with respect to goods purchased during pre-sale promotion (“Presale Product”).

In these Terms a reference to “we”, “us” or “CHARLIE J” is a reference to CHARLIE J. ABN 30524152407

Please read these Terms and our Standard Terms carefully before submitting your Presale Product order.

1. Time

The presale will commence as date advertised on each item and will close exactly 7 days after, unless sold out. 

2. Products

The quantity, style, sizes and other details of Presale Products that is available is at our discretion and may change during the presale promotion.

3. Payment

You will be charged the full price of the Presale Products at the time of placing your order. Please see our Standard Terms regarding payments.

4. Delivery

Presale Products are subject to manufacture. At the end of the presale promotion, all purchase orders will start production.
We estimate that the production process will take between 10 to 20 working days but we do not accept responsibility for any delay that may arise. Orders will only be refunded if production does not proceed for any reason or if the production time becomes unreasonably delayed. We at all times reserve the right to stop production and refund any order unable to be delivered.

If you have ordered any of our normal Products with our Presale Products, we will only ship the items together and the longer waiting time may apply. We will not ship part-orders.

Please note normal shipping times do apply after production is finalised.

5. Returns

Presale Products will still be subject to return in accordance with our Returns Policy.

6. Customer Information

We will collect information from you at the making of your purchase order in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Credit Reporting Privacy Policy.

7. Miscellaneous

CHARLIE J. reserves the right to change any of these Terms for any reason at any time before your purchase order is placed. Please check any updates to these Terms, any additional terms advertised on the presale web page and at your checkout, as well as our Standard Terms, before making your purchase.